DuPont Molykote Greases & Oils

Lubricants for a wide range of applications

DuPont™ MOLYKOTE™ brand food-grade synthetic and ultrahigh-purity industrial fluids and lubricants are well-suited for plant operations in the food and beverage industry, energy industry, textile industry.

DuPont™ MOLYKOTE™ brand specialty lubricants are designed and engineered to solve your difficult lubrication-related problems and save energy by reducing friction and wear. Our specialty lubricants include greases, anti-seize pastes, multipurpose oils, specialty compounds, dispersions, anti-friction coatings and more:

  • Greases – solid to semisolid materials consisting of a lubrication fluid, thickening agent and additives; used on rolling element bearings and other moving parts.
  • Pastes and Solid Lube – pastes are greaselike materials that contain a very high percentage of solid lubricants; used for assembly and lubrication of highly loaded, slow-moving parts or threaded fasteners.
  • Compounds – greaselike materials composed of silicone fluids and silica fillers; used for their sealing, dielectric, nonmetal-to-metal lubricating properties.
  • Anti-Friction Coatings – Anti-friction coatings are used for corrosion protection, to reduce surface friction, for dry lubrication of automotive parts. When applied, anti-friction coatings cure to form dry solid lubricant coatings that are bonded to the surface.
  • Oils and Fluids – lubricating fluids fortified with carefully selected additives to provide optimum performance and service life while maximizing protection of the equipment and machinery they are designed to lubricate.
  • Dispersions – finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluid; dispersions are preferred when it is necessary to apply lubricants in liquid form.

As DuPont™ Molykote™ distributor, our lubrication experts and technical support staff provide to end-users from several different industries services and solutions utilizing lubrication best practices.